Rental WH's - Currently Suspended

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Bump, these rental wh’s are looking for good tenets!

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Still Available


Contact howitz on discord for more information.

Synde C5/2 vanilla wh for rent. Asking 4.5 bil a month.

Youll be protected by synde incase of any eviction. I also have a frieghter in the hole you can purchase off of me just incase to save all your assets, zero risk on your end.

You stand to make 30-40 bil a month in combat sites, not including gas or salvage AND not including any other wh that rolls into you that you can roach sites from.

You are allowed to bring in as many friends as you wish to help you run sites and make isk the rent will stay at 4.5 bil.

There are no restrictions here, once you rent the hole the hole is yours to use how ever you like for the month long period. First day you move in wont be counted towards your month long period. Your billing cycle will start the next day.

I have plenty of rollers, HIC’s, and a salvager in the hole that you can purchase off me for asset price or bring in your own.

If there are any questions feel free to dm me in game (Killari Seeker) or respond to this thread. C5’s with a 2 static are one of the most sought after C5 whs for their easy access to HS through the C2 static.

Sold/no longer available

Raitaru in the hole for you to dock. Price for month - 5 bill. average income from home sites (only) ~20-40 bill/month + you can do c4 static, which is safer.

Contact Garold Kado#3369 on discord or send email ingame to Garold Kado for more information.

wh Wormhole Space

isks are waiting for YOU!

Remember: the more u wait the more isk u loose

Still available

the more u wait the less isk u make

How about you just sell it off~? Most of us are not in for renting. If you want to sell it, If you pls contact me in game.

mail me in-game or discord billy_6449

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I’m interested, sent you an invite on discord.

got cha.