Rental WH's - Currently Suspended

Hey its Killari Seeker from synde, again. I have two C5s with a 5 static. I am looking for renters. Both have forts with caps (caps are an optional purchase). One C5 is a vanilla and the other is a WR.

If you rent from me the whs will come with synde protection against evictions. I also have a number of rolling BS and Hics that you’re welcome to purchase off of me for jita price or you may bring in your own. If you ever decide to not rent again next month I’ll also purchase those ships back at the same price.

For any first time C5 enjoyers I offer to teach you how to rat C5 sites, after all it’s in my best interest that you make a lot of isk while renting so you want to rent again next month.

The number of people you wish to bring into the hole doesn’t matter the price of rent will stay the same. You may use the Wh however you’d like during your rental period.

The price for rent will be 7 bil a month. If you have any questions or are interested, send me a message on discord at killari_seeker

I have brought all your individual contributions together here. Since you are renting as an alliance, it is unnecessary to create a separate post for each Wh you want to rent. This makes the forum more disorganized and also disadvantages all other providers of the same service.

Please stick to a single post in the future.

Renting as an alliance? How did you come to this conclusion? Because it’s not the case. I’m not ‘‘renting as an alliance’’ please put my post back up thanks. nothing in my post mentions any sort of alliance and I don’t know you how could have come to this conclusion from my post alone. there’s reasons why i ask people to contact me privately and i want it to remain this way. thank you for putting everything back as it was.


Make sure you remove all the messages from me on the posts that you merged as well.

I don’t want my name to show up on here for discretion’s sake. Not even ‘‘post deleted by author’’


I would be more than happy to discuss in game or on discord.

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Bumping to the top, these wormholes are looking for new tenants!

Wormhole availability updated.

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Bumping to the top, these wormholes are looking for great new tenants!

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Bump, wh’s are starting to move fast, got a great newbie starting wh of a 5/4 cv still looking for a great renter.


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List has been updated, new wh’s added.

The service is going strong with a multitude of wh’s rented out, we still have a few that are looking for new renters!

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