Rental WH's - Currently Suspended

Welcome to Synde Associates WH Rentals

We have had over 100 collective months of rentals.
we currently have available:



Fort Upgrades are available on request and discussion


These wh’s are available for rental from the Umbrella of Synde Associates

Billing cycle starts the day after move in.
Isk will be due within 24hrs of the first character to jump into the wh.
Refunds for backing out will be on a case by case basis if happens within first 48 hours.

Access list will be j-code specific, this does not allow you to dock at any other CYNDE structures

Ratting lessons available after purchase and cost is dependent on final form of ratting.
Further details will be discussed on contact.

Inquiries can be sent to Anemone221 or Killari Seeker (killari_seeker) on discord or in game.

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Farmholes ready for a new renter ready to make isk.

Bumping this to the top, these wormholes are looking for new renters.

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Bumping to the top, wh’s have been rented out, we are still looking for more renters for the wh’s available.

so how can i find you in discord?

Maybe u can add me in discord “cs404.”

DM sent in game.

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Bump to the top, these wormholes are ready for renters to come in and start making amazing amounts of isk!

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Wh’s looking for good renters, get in on the massive amount of C5 isk that exists out there for the taking.

bump to the top, new wh added!

Bump to the top, new wh added, rented wh’s removed.

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Bump to the top, updated wh list.