Rental WH's - Currently Suspended

how to sell C6

C6 is not for sell, it is available for rent.


Bumping this to the top, we have great wh’s looking for people to move in and start farming them to make some of the best isk you can in game.


bumping to the top again

I rented the C5/4 PL, was great for profits and service was great, we were jumped on while running sites, jumped out to a hs connect. The owner scanned us back in for free, and super quick. It was great renting the wormhole, setup was super easy. We paid rent on time, and there was never any aggressiveness for rent and so forth, would definitely rent from them again. They also sold us rolling ships at a discount, was above and beyond service!

Bumping this to the top

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Bumping to the top, over 50 months of Rentals done, and updated available list of wh’s


Bumping, a new month a great time to start renting a wh!

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Bumping! Have great wh’s looking for new tenents.

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