RePeX - Nullsec action adventure! EU, PVP & Indy with ratting on the side :D

Hey there, glad you clicked the post!

Why Repex?
Perhaps you and your friends are interested in trying out Nullsec? Perhaps you are a returning player that wants to get back in the game and needs a new home and new co-pilots/friends?
Perhaps you wanna get into a specifik type of PVP? Blops your thing? Big fleet actions sounds fun? Wanna be on the right side of that Roamfleet that just warped in on a big juicy target? Sure you do! (if you are not bait of course ^^)

We are a EU-based corps that enjoy eve-life together in Fountain where the PVE will get you filthy rich and the PVP action will make your heart race.

Friendly Alliance in a big coalition. PVP activity is rewarded and lots of fleets of all kinds to attend.

We are looking for friendly teammates that wanna share our experience and grow together with us.

Teamplayer that want to learn or perhaps teach.
Teamspeak 3
English Speaking
SSO-token registration (standard procedure in big coalitions)

We will get you started with basic pvp/pve ships if needed so no need to bring anything up. There is also a couple of good market in the area so most things can be bought.


Send me a PM here or contact me in game if you want to know more!

Best Regards

Hey Guys!

Last couple of days has seen some amazing fights in our region in all timezones. Lots of things going on for both the Pvpers and indyguys. Market is spinning fast and everyone is having a good time!

Recruiting is open, come join in on our fun!

Last week has been eventful. Amazing fights with our enemies in all timezones. We recruited 2 guys. Got room for another recruit in this recruitment window.

If you are interested in getting new friends in EVE and give nullsec a go contact us!

Best Regard
Khaiden, RePeX

Null-life at its best! We have had massive amazing battles the last couple of weeks with some of the games most famous FCs on grid. Supplying warships for the battlefront, ratting for isk, Hunting rorquals and capitals in our vedmaks/ikitursas, Mining asteroids. We have had a blast! Still recruiting for new members come and join.

Recruiting EU-TZ players

Great fun is beeing had!

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