Report on a rule violation

I want to report a not consensual attack made by KFC Toralen (School of Appl. Knowledge). I was working with two chars on a test setup and had this one sitting in an Aeon before a station in FWST-8. While I was busy with the other char to buy what is needed for the test this char in the Aeon was attacked without consent. Below find the kill report for KFC. After the fight I explained him the rules on Sisi and asked him to reply in order to figure out what and why this happened, but he/she didn’t respond.

2021.01.24 13:26:59

Victim: KFC Toralen
Corp: School of Applied Knowledge
Alliance: Unknown
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Zirnitra
System: FWST-8
Security: -0,1
Damage Taken: 696461

Involved parties:

Name: Raoul Klondeik (laid the final blow)
Security: 5,00
Corp: Chaos and Fractals
Alliance: Chaos and Fractals Alliance
Faction: None
Ship: Aeon
Weapon: Shadow
Damage Done: 696461

Destroyed items:

Shadow Serpentis Tracking Computer
Siege Module II
Tracking Speed Script (Cargo)
Strontium Clathrates, Qty: 2041 (Other)
Capital Nanobot Accelerator II
Tetryon Exotic Plasma XL, Qty: 189893 (Cargo)
Tracking Speed Script
Capital Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Capital Trimark Armor Pump II
Dark Blood Capital Cap Battery
Corpum A-Type Multispectrum Energized Membrane
Ultratidal Entropic Disintegrator I
Strontium Clathrates, Qty: 3333 (Other)
Veles Entropic Radiation Sink
Dark Blood Capital Cap Battery

Dropped items:

Veles Entropic Radiation Sink
Veles Entropic Radiation Sink
Tetryon Exotic Plasma XL, Qty: 500 (Cargo)
Shadow Serpentis Damage Control
Corpum A-Type Multispectrum Energized Membrane
Baryon Exotic Plasma XL, Qty: 48988 (Cargo)
Optimal Range Script (Cargo)
Shadow Serpentis Tracking Computer
Agency ‘Pyrolancea’ DB9 Dose IV (Cargo)
Shadow Serpentis Capital Armor Repairer
Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay
Baryon Exotic Plasma XL, Qty: 457
Optimal Range Script

CCP isn’t going to do anything about it. Supposedly, the non-consensual PVP rule is limited to during a mass test only

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Yeah it is like in real life. You have rules and enforcement of rules. That said a friend of mine was kicked from Sissi a while back for the very same reason. So we have the rules which may or not be applied only during mass test and also occasions where they have been enforced outside of mass test. Looks like we can make this is a very long story in case others want to contribute their experience as well.

You can go back through the test server feedback and see all the posts of people saying they were victims of non consensual pvp. Not one mention by CCP anywhere.

Seems to me like they should change the rules, clarify exactly what they mean, or enforce them.

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They don’t even care then. Just expect to be attacked on SiSi. There are no rules on the Test Server. Once you come to terms with that you’ll be fine.

He’s right. The only rule is that non consensual pvp is only during Mass Test.

Well there is one rule that they do take very seriously, “no mass purchases”. I got a very stern talking to when I bought all the revelations in m-o for a lark.
Hand slapped, not gonna do it again.

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