PVP with no consent,Breaking the TEST SERVER rules

Say concretely, there is not any strontium clathrates in M-OEE8,so I had to buy it elsewhere.
Unfortunately,I was attacked on the way.
This behavior is against the test server rules!Can the violators be punished
I didn’t find a better place for feedback, so I posted it here.Hope someone can help maintain a good game environment,whether on Tranquility or Singularity.

politeID:WaterDroplet Studio, WaterDropAurora
PVP with no consent.

edit. I can’t read… thought it was M-O

Unfortunately, according to someone that was told by CCP, the test server rules are only valid during a CCP sanctioned mass test. Any other time, all areas are free for all, like TQ. @CCP_Aurora was asked to clarify and to make note of that in the rules if true, but doesn’t seem as though it’s been truly verified by CCP.

These characters also ganked me, they were also linked the above KM in local.

I asked in local for them to stop, they continued. Please ban both of the combatants and if possible replace my Nyx with fittings (even it it’s the Nyx from the original mirror). Thanks.

Involved combatants
WaterDroplet Studio


edit…take my own advice…


As per the image I uploaded, this occurred in FD-MLJ


You might send in ingame mail to the CEO of his tranquility corp/alliance. Nobody in leadership likes drama caused by their members.

You won’t get anything replaced on Sisi, that part is on you.

That guy is too scared to fly the Molok in M-0 so that’s why he goes out of system to kill people

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theres two issues here and only one of them will be addressed by ccp.
the stront issue is actually an important one. just message an isd or ccp when you see them in m-o and they will restock it. mass buying stuff from market like buying all 100million units or whatever of stront can destabilze sisi, and they will do something about it. i know this for a fact, but wont go into why.

the pvp part? no one cares, get used to it. move on.

Pee vee Pee

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