Report - UALX-3 Legacy Keepstar Battle [NER]

On Wednesday 18 July, Legacy Coalition anchored an offensive Keepstar in the system of UALX-3 in the Tenerifis region The Keepstar was set to exit its anchoring timer at 02:00 EVE time on Thursday 19th July. North-Eastern Bloc forces moved to prevent the Keepstar from onlining and committed multiple fleets of subcapitals, capitals and supercapitals to the fight. Legacy Coalition, with the support of Imperium, prepared to defend the Keepstar against the North-Eastern assault. Early on, Imperium also committed their shield supercapital fleet to the fight.

Despite this disadvantage, North-Eastern bloc forces were able to continually apply to the Keepstar, and it was eventually destroyed at 07:35 EVE time

As the fight progressed and the supercapital fleets remained tackled, both Imperium and NCdot moved their armour supercapitals south

Waterboarding by hostile interdictor gangs heavily delayed both armor fleets en route to the Keepstar system

Goonswarm reinforcement supercapitals from Fountain were able to bridge into the system and aid Legacy, though a second fleet from Delve did not make it in time By the time the NCdot armor supercapital fleet arrived in the region, the Imperium counterpart had already loaded the Keepstar grid

Just as the NCdot supercapital fleet was about to jump in, the server node crashed and hundreds of disconnects were reported After hours of connection issues, the server node crashing ended the battle before downtime hit There were 14 Titans destroyed in total, along with hundreds of capitals and an especially large number of dreadnoughts

A large portion of the PL & Eastern Allies supercapitals were reportedly trapped in the system at the time of reporting TEST alliance announced they would hellcamp the system, as the North-Eastern Bloc considered its options to extract its trapped supercapitals

Meanwhile, Legacy coalition anchored yet another Keepstar on the same grid and cyno-jammed the system, with another big fight expected to happen within the week

Video by Tristan Enkura
Footage by Adan Dimaloun and Gentle Towel
Narration by Zendane
Additional footage by TheMacCloud

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