So there is a KeepStar in Perimeter

First time seeing this baby _
What should we expect ?

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I’m thinking a war.

How do You even kill this thing in HiSec when You can’t use anything bigger than battleship ?

I saw a discussion about using drone swarms or Leshaks. I have no idea if either is a feasible idea.

DPS. It can’t use doomsdays or any of the keepstar specific defenses. It really isn’t that much different than killing a Fortizar. As long as you’re hitting the DPS floor and not dying it will die eventually.

Clearly one is after a fight, just grab your popcorn and watch the leshaks versus whatever defence is deployed.

With any luck, the system might not go into TiDi.

That’s gonna be salvagers paradise …

Anyone suggesting Leshaks is talking :poop:. Shooting expensive short range ships with a proper alpha fleet is the wet dream of every F1 monkey.

As I see there’s gonna be some major hammering of structures in Perimeter. Right now many are on their last hull reinforcement cycle.

Can you even fit a DD to a keepstar in high? If so some bears are gonna be in for a treat, I bet many of them haven’t even seen a DD happen in-game before.

My thought would be 100mn cheap-fit vexors, land at max drone control range, send drones, and then orbit from there. Maybe have some burn away as the drones will still attack, and then have them orbit out even further. Just stock an NPC station in perimeter, set your death clone there, and open up the corp hangars. When you die, you grab a new ship and warp to one of a bazillion pings.

Pretty sure you can’t have PDS in high, otherwise concord would do your job for you when you warp a single non-combatant in, so dronse won’t just get waxed like they do in null.

Make no mistake, no version of this fight will happen without massive feeding. The battle of Stalingrad will have nothing on this fight.

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Behold the arrival of TEST! This is just the beginning, we intend to control all market hubs within 5 jumps of any major NPC hub. Anyone who stands in our way, their station will be destroyed. We are unstoppable in high sec, so get used to seeing us camping the Jita undock.

We will eventually control all goods moving to and from Jita, Amarr, Dodi and even Rens and Hek. Witness the end of EVE as you know it high sec pubbies and prepare to grovel before your new masters.

Within 2 years high sec NPC stations will be no more, removed in favor of our Keepstars and Sotiyos. With the help of our GSM, CCP will see this as the new direction of EVE. Fear not, TEST will keep your precious high sec belongings safe!

I want to see it die. Who is thinking the same?

No doomdays and no AoE modules in High Sec. Almost all the toys to defend a Citatel are not allowed here, so it comes down to ship to ship combat, while keeping the minimum DMG on the Station

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I wonder what CONCORD thinks about it all…

Rokhs lots of rokhs

Blue circle: “Reeeeeeeeee… we need to get players out of hisec and into null… rreeeeee!!”

Blue circle: “Let’s do that by placing Keepstar market hubs 1 jump out of Jita… reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

Im starting to hate K-space so bad that I want WH space to come and cleanse the population

Just remember that we bite. Those of us that don’t run and hide, that is.

And the ones running away will use harsh language in local chat to fight back. :rofl:

You bring a lot of battleships.

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