Best tactic/ships to take down a hi-sec keepstar?

Btw a bit of pvp noob here so I’m theory checking and crafting a bit.So in case someone missed it test are anchoring a hi sec ks in perimeter at the moment.What do you people think would be the best tactic to take down a ks in hi sec?Would a leshak(the longer you stay on target the more damage you do) fleet with proper defence force be good enough?

Yeah I’d go with leshaks too. They can even remote rep each other so that’s nice.

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More likely a massive drone ball that was also used on the attempt to blow up the Goon 6RCQ keepstar when it was anchoring. Although no bubbles or capitals and freely available neutral alts to provide warp-ins on fleets certainly changes the dynamics.

If Test fails they can always try anchoring two keepstars on the next attempt.

:laughing: I was wrong. Apparently the tactic to defend your highsec revenue stream is saying “we didn’t want that ISK anyways” and run away.

The problem with a Keepstar in highsec is you need so many ships. I agree a doctrine would seem to be spider-repping Leshaks and/or Nestors, but these are expensive ships that require specialized skills (well, the Leshak) such that it will be hard to form such a fleet in great numbers, and it will be very vulnerable to being alpha-ed off the field one-by-one by a smallish defence fleet. But if you only had a few dozen guys and didn’t expect a real response, I think it would be your best bet.

More likely to succeed would be to blot the sun out with a couple hundred T1 battleships. Insure them, and keep throwing them at the Keepstar in as large a numbers as you can manage. N+1 them to death. But you need many people for this to work. The danger here is TiDi or the node failing makes your task impossible.

Likely the Keepstar will sit there uncontested unless and until a real war starts and someone wants to hurt TEST. Basically it is immune to anyone who can’t bring more pilots than TEST, and that list is quite small, and the cachet of killing a Keepstar isn’t as strong as before so I doubt you’ll see some sort of combined group of attackers try to remove it.

Still, the ISK at stake makes the Perimeter market an valuable strategic asset. Perhaps some other large group will take a shot sooner rather than later.

I hate to say it but with the current mechanics in HS perhaps Keepstars shouldn’t be allowed in it, just like caps / supers.

As far as taking it out ?

Set your fleets home station to one of the NPC stations in same system, or close by if not available, preferrably with multiple gates to re-enter if possible.

Use T1 battleships and some T1 battlecruisers. You can go for max alpha, or max sustained DPS or max tank setup. Go for cost effectiveness. It gets destroyed, you respawn in same or nearby system hop into another one and come right back into the action, being able to pass through a defense gate camp of course if you have to jump from anotehr system or undock camp.

Leshaks on this scale are no good because of the skills required, I just don’t see it as a practical option. A leshak not trained with level 5 Precursor Battleships, Large Precursor Weapons and at least a level 4 specialization for them is just not worth flying IMHO since your spooled up DPS will suck. I tried it. And without that spooled up DPS you have better and far cheaper and less time consuming options.

The triglavian ships and guns are still just too expensive, add to that even some of the skillbooks such as the specialization ones, and multiply that times fleet members. Hell, I don’t even know if there are enough specialization skillbooks available on the market to be able to even go for such a size fleet at all.

All in all I really would like to see a serious change in the way HS mechanics work when it comes down to taking out structures. Decouple it from the current wardec mechanics and give it their own etc. That is a whole otehr topic though.

I really thought Horde gonna go crazy and bring thousands of isk tanked Tempest.

Only realistic way to take it down is to field hundreds of battleships.

Were I FCing an attempt, I’d get people in Dominixes, with armor logi as backup. Sentry drones from medium to long range, and with Dominixes spread around the Keepstar in balls.

Some of the Domi subfleets would then be assigned to deal with any counterattackers. You;d also need small agile tackle, probably in T3 destroyers and/or Serpentis ships.

Catalysts could probably do it if you have hundreds of people, keeps in hs have severly limited defensive capabilities; no bombs, no point defence, no aoe weapons…

lots of attacks BC, cheap after insurance, with a staging structure close by. each BC should warp in @60, deliver a blow and expect to die. so nade I guess, while some can also be used to alpha defenders.

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