Destroying a Medium/Large Engineering complex in Hisec

Our corp is based in a relatively backwater system, with a security status of 0.6. Recently a couple of other corps have anchored an Azbel and a Raitaru in the system. Is it possible with a small fleet (10-15 ships) we could take out one of them before CONCORD intervenes? Assuming that the defenses are manned but there are no other ships supporting the defenders, and that we can use any tech 1 ship and any modules.

:slight_smile: No.

The mechanics of a DPS cap mean you need a minimum 24 or 30 minutes to reinforce an Upwell structure. In a 0.6 system, CONCORD will arrive in less than 20 seconds.

However, why not just declare a war? That is the intended mechanism to get CONCORD out of the way so you can explode their structures. A 10-15 ship fleet with some logi should have no problem dealing with the built-in defences of an Upwell structure in highsec.

Of course, they other guys might also undock and bring some ships…


Ah well, I tried lol. Another plan is to gank the crap out of the individual players from the corp, to annoy them to death and hopefully make them withdraw. That might work lol.

If you annoy them sufficiently, they may contract a mercenary corp to make you go away! A rigged Azbel is a non-trivial investment, these guys probably aren’t beginners. Unless you think they will bring enough industrial activity to significantly impact the system cost index, why would you want them gone?

No. Damage cap is a thing. If you want it dead, either wardec it or pay someone else to wardec it.

Might be a good time to make friends with these like mined people and plan to protect your cores

Are they recruiting? Have they had new members join recently?

You could play the long game and see if you can get some alts into their corp. Find out who and what they are from the inside. This is the meta-game, and you might find out that:
a) they are pretty chill and you want to be friends/allies with them
b) they are dirtbags and you plot your nefarious infiltration with hopes of awoxing them while they aren’t looking
c) you aren’t able to succeed and extract yourselves without further issues

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Just war dec them. :sunglasses:

this is exactly what makes eve different from other classical mmos

How in the world would you think that is possible?

CONCORD spawns in around 20 seconds, and with the damage cap you can barely scratch paint in that time

Just realized how stupid this question was after participating in the battle of FWST-8. LOL.

Yeah. I was there. It took a while. Sat in the system with my main in a Scimitar (I wish logi got on killmails) and alts doing other things (including a shopping trip to Jita) until the end. Not necessarily an exciting experience, but one that was interesting to be part of.

In High-Sec, it’s much cheaper and easier to wardec with a few Leshaks instead of tricking in ships to suicide gank and keep it paused as a sort of smaller version of that.

Thank you for your contribution in the fight, although I’m not sure what side you were on lol.
Leshak bashing sounds good lol

Seems like one of the stations pulled out, and I’m in null now anyway, so this point is moot

If he did shopping runs to Jita, I am almost certain that he fought as a Goon, or INIT., or one of the others on the Imperium side.

Just bring the fleet of 40 Moloks obviously

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ah yes cost effectiveness

Also Molok-class Blood Raider Faction Titans are disallowed in Highsec.
Just use Kronoses or Leshaks
Or Vanquishers
Or stealth bombers if you are poor.
No capitals.

Remember he would have to wardeck them which he seems unwilling

Wardeccing seems like a great option or you always have a chance of recruiting Mercenaries which they are plenty of them in the Galaxy . Best option for bashing get your guys in Leshaks with some Nestors and maybe 1-2 HICS so they dont undock and you are fine

RR Dreks with some Zarm/Guard support is perfect for Azbels if you can’t afford Leshaks and Nestors. A good tactic if you do intend on wardeccing them is to Ship Scan the structure first to check it’s fitting and plan your attack around that!

HMU for any info.