Self-destruct for Upwell structures

After the recent changes to the War Dec system I would like to suggest that Upwell structures be equipped with a self-destruct similar to that on ships so the player can self-destruct they’re station instead of having to wait out unanchoring or surrender the station to the aggressor?


Wait for what, just leave it and it will disappear one way or another.

Not true.
Reinforcing the structure cancels any unanchor, and then they don’t need to actually blow it up so they can keep a wardec running on a corp all they want and there is no way for the corp to step down from the wardec if they use that loophole.
So a self destruct is an important requirement.

It can have a longish timer. Can even be several days. But it shouldn’t get stopped by being reinforced, and should be possible to do while reinforced, so that corps can step back down from being war eligible if they realise they can’t defend their structures.
I mean really, they lose their structures in fiery balls of death. It’s not like they get them back.


I see what you are saying, reason 543097 why it was stupid to tie wardec to structures.

“The newbie problem justified any change even a bad one”.

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I agree to a point. If a Corp is experiencing this type of niche ‘harrassment’ could they just form a new holding Corp and transfer the last remaining structure to it?

I also like the idea of station self-destruct buttons.


It was a good simple change. It was just always going to have some follow on issues, but a self destruct for structures is a good thing for the ability to clean up WH structures etc also.


It was a terrible change, players made dozens of better suggestions. Search wardec.


I’m familiar with the thread. A lot of people made suggestions with even more holes you could exploit them with. Or that required more extensive coding (which I really hope CCP are taking on board for the larger wardec changes)

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In light of the recent changes to wardec mechanics, I feel like this seems reasonable. Currently, aggressors can force their targets to remain war-eligible by keeping target structures reinforced without necessarily destroying them, and the defenders have no real counter.

I would suggest some limitations, such as a long timer and/or requiring the corporation to be under a wardec though. But whatever limits you put on the process, a corporation should be able to destroy a structure that wardec aggressors are keeping in perpetual limbo.


Ah so because some suggestions were bad we toss out the really good ones? What we got was a braindead hack.

I don’t know if CCP changed it when they changed the War Dec but you can’t transfer a station to another corporation unless it in the same Alliance as you if they are in the same Alliance as you the war desk is elevated to an alliance War Dec from a corporation War Dec and that corporation then becomes part of the war Dec. So you can’t use a holding corp

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If someone is actually facing this issue, I ask again, why not just transfer the last structure to a holding corp? Do active wardecs prevent structure transfer?

Hmm, interesting. Are you able to form an alliance during an active wardec? If so does the structure become transferable within the alliance or is the structure still locked down at the prior corporation engagement level?

You need to train the right skills to create an alliance it’s a bit of a mess and it also costs you isk to set up I’m just an alpha, was just reading the Eve site about it

The easy way out is to create a 1 character, Alpha holding corp to own your structure(s). The operating corp gets full use of the structure and, the CEO of the holding corp never even has to log in. That way a wardec has no impact on the gameplay of the operating corporation beyond restricting use of the structure(s). Raitaru’s are cheap - when the war is over simply build a new one.

Edit: or simply create a new holding corp and build a new structure so you can keep playing the way you want to during the war.

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That’s an interesting workaround but I still like the self destruct after all a war Dec is a week or more where both where any of your ships can be attacked without Concorde intervening a mining Corps most valuable investment is it ships.

Yes, that self destruct button is absolutely needed. It would have, among other things, created a huge and cluster killing disruption this summer if the North had had the option to destroy literally everything they own and leave the fat CFC hordes without anything to attack or conquer.

For that reason alone we need the self-destruct button for structures.

I don’t know how structure transfer mechanics got changed (or didn’t) with the wardec changes. CCP has generally been trying to move away from corp-shuffling as a wardec counter, so it may be technically possible, but it’s not at all desirable.

Yes wardecs prevent structure transfer. That didnt get changed or it would have been listed as a change

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