Devblog: War, War Sometimes Changes

come on dont lie to yourself^^

in fact it adds more than one option, you could shoot them, extort them, use ore as bait
so many fun things

yea but the only thing a miner want you cant… mine

you can still mine as a suspect

there ya go, happy?


Wondering Monk is a friend, but I like his Idea of having Self-destruct for Upwell structures

As away for non-pvp corps to end a war dec

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Talking about the HQ and the structure system. Is there any logical reason why you dont need standings at all in empire HS to anchor citadels.

POS structures in HS required standings towards the empire they were to be anchored. How are citadels different?

And the 2 week of Wardec Ban on a corp after losing a HQ. Is it one way or both ways?
Can i declare war on a corp. Set a HQ and then deanchor that HQ to be immune for 2 weeks with given corp?

Wardecs were ‘working as intended’ until player pressure made them change their minds…

Well, looking forward to those changes in like a ten years time then…

CAS was Great! But I did that so many years ago…

Come one - Come all - Ooops only 1 person with a brain so far!!!

maybe we need to use alts to make more replies on here?

You used to need them for POS’s, but then they decided that since POS’s were already limited to moons, that was extra-restrictive.

They could stand to bring that back for Upwells, though.

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This would lead only to even more one man corps since raising the standings is easier. Also what happens, if the Corp loses standing, or when you transfer it?

FacPo comes and ‘takes it down’?

You would not be able to transfer it to a corporation with less than required standings. Losing the standing after anchoring would not do anything. This worked with the POS system. And despite some corps or alliance jsut used a “Standing man” who would anchor it for the corp. A lot other corps worked hard to get their standings in line with what they wanted.

Spewing out structures left and right in Empire space is just stupid. It makes Empire space crowded with structures which makes wardecs less meaningful. The other thing for this is the price of citadels and what they can offer. Switching from the POS to the citadel didnt just made it easier. But a lot cheaper as well. I personally could go and Anchor 50-80 citadels. Which in itself is stupid.And im not even rich. Not talking about how they removed the fuel upkeep and made them even more powerful. Rechargin Cap, repairing shield armor hull and even drones/heat damaged modules for free is stupid.

So before reworking the wardec system. CCP should think about how meaningless wars are and how easy it is to dodge a war start a new corp and just spit out more structures. The current wardec system is for nothing but to prey on the weak. Theres abolutely nothing in HS thats actually worth fighting for.

I agree that there is way too much garbage all over empire space (maybe fraction police could clear low power ones after 6 month or so), but…

… have you been to Perimeter recently?

You take out 1 system from the countless there is. 1 Jump from Jita that offers less tax on trading. Owned by the largest organisations in EVE. And will probably never be destroyed as the limitations in HS doesnt leave much space for Keepstar fights. And we have the rest of HS that can offer abolutealy no reason for wars.


Mercs and Contracts
One of the major benefits I foresee with using a mechanic like this is that it will enable mercenary contracts. By creating contracts where payment is triggered by the disablement of a WHQ and the ending of a dec, mercenaries will have a way to offer assistance to defenders with a clear objective. The defenders will also be reassured by the fact that money is not transferred to the mercs until the contract is complete and the dec is sure to end.

Such contracts will also enable players to hire mercs to deny other corps to wage war by disabling their WHQ, even pre-emptively if so desired. Likewise, mercs can be hired by aggressors in a dec to remove unwanted allies of the defenders.


There’s nothing in Perimeter worth fighting for, either.

The frustrated whines of Horde are everywhere and no-where, all at once. :wink: