Highsec war cheat(SOLVED)


Recently our corporation had war declared on us, no issue with this. However the corporation that declared war on listed their war HQ as a station that belongs to another corporation. In the wardec email the station is shown to be under their ownership but when we traveled to the station is belongs to another corporation, no they are not in an alliance.

Is this an exploit? We submitted a helpdesk ticket, my understanding of war in highsec is the attacker must select a highsec structure as their HQ, if its destroyed or lost for any reason the war is over in 24 hours. Transferring ownership should have ended the war. Essentially they can attack without recourse and there is no way for us to end the war.

Let me make this clear: The station listed in the war report as their HQ does not belong to Tails of Dragon.
See the screenshot below.

According to your war report for your corp, Tails of Dragons who are the attackers, shows where their HQ is.

Sure does, but go visit that system right now and it’s owned by another corporation.

im almost there to confirm

Um… silly question, but do you have the right address?

Check all the structures in the system.

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Yeah, maybe I’m an idiot but when I right click and choose set destination it took me to that station.

yea honest mistake… no exploit here…

what is the mistake…?

you making a claim of an exploit when you made a honest mistake

Negative, there was no mistake on my part.

ok sure, you picked the wrong station, accusing of the corp that attacked you of exploiting, by not having a citadel when they clearly do, in their name…when it clearly wasn’t an exploit.

You are right, I stand corrected. I chose set destination to the station listed in the war report and it takes me to a station that isn’t theirs. Even in system when I right click on the listed war HQ and choose dock it takes me to the station in the screenshot.

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