Structure Self Destruct Mechanism

I would love to see a Mechanism that allows a station controller to self-destruct a station, causing an explosion that damages nearby ships. Also, successfully doing so would destroy the core too and would prevent anything from dropping. As a balance to that, the odds of successfully executing the self-destruct command would depend on how much hull is left; i.e. If you only have 10% hull left, you only have 10% chance of success.

what stations though?

are there going to be roving bands of control tower bombers?

Anything that uses an Upwell Core. And the size of the explosion would depend on the size of the structure.

Sounds overpowered as a “ha ha I am weak and can’t defend the structure, so no one can have anything” button. For balance considerations, it should set the owning corporation wallet to -10 billion ISK, on account of purchasing that much illicit explosive material from the black market, and cost $50 when the button is pushed, as clearly this is to be used when people have no IRL sense of self-control (so can’t let a good capitalism opportunity go to waste).

That sounds much more well-balanced.

I prefer to think of it as the “Ultimate FU” to station bashers…

You could fleet up and blow up their fleet.

There’s a reason they don’t go after certain non-nullbloc groups in new Eden. It’s because they get their teeth kicked in.

And the attackers could always +1 our fleet…

You won’t know unless you try

So, you could wait until your in deep hull then pop the citadel as a “haha, screw you!”?

No. Either defend it or evac your assets before it goes boom.

How about if you self destruct, then everything drops in hanger containers and nothing goes to asset safety?
Pop the core and structure modules, fine. But every asset drops.
Your initial concept is just a way for people to deny loot and killmails.

Yep, that is exactly what it is. A great big FU to wardeccing corps and opportunists that prey on structure holders. And it would be also awesome if the station flashed great big finger on its corporate emblem right before it went boom. Besides which, In my original post, I did state that the deeper into hull, the less probability of success you have.

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