Dear CCP Team,

I wanted to test my Wyvern on Sisi today.
When I started to shoot empty ships and wrecks with the fighters, I was directly tackled by a HIC.

According to the rules of Sisi, it is forbidden to use warp preventing modules at the gates and stations of CCP.

More reports will follow from other players.

I am not really a fan of reports, but the user is very resistant to counselling and does not want to see his mistakes.

Thanks a lot and best regards


Where were you flying? M-OEE8?

PvP is allowed there, try a different system if you did. While warp bubbles around gates and structures aren’t allowed there:

Combat systems (M-OEE8) specific additional rules

No AoE warp inhibiting modules at the gates, and the CCP-owned structures (within 500 km).

… they are allowed to HIC point you without the bubble, and attack your Wyvern, if I understand those rules correctly.

I know the feeling though, people don’t really pay attention to the test server rules and will often attack you outside M-O as well.

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