Reprocessing Increases Volume?

Is there something in the lore that explains how an item’s reprocessed materials have a greater volume than the original item?

That I know of, there is no explanation given (though it may be that I have just never heard it). If you require one and no official explanation exists, you can suppose that a completely raw material’s volume includes packaging material and supporting apparatus of some kind to make it easy to transport, dispense, or process into something useful.

There is no extant prime fiction explaination for it, and, generally speaking, ‘volume’ has always been more of a game balance consideration than hard lore factuality for various items

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It could be due to the containment equipment required for pure ore as well as losing the ability to use ore compression tech.

And implants are 1m3 each, and you can have multiple (like 10 ?).
In comparison, an average human body is 0.075m3…
And “implants” means they are inside you, not a remote 1m3 electronic box in a lab. Don’t tell me there is a need for a 1m3 size box packaging for a chip small enough to be implanted in your head.

Volume in EVE, like many things, doesn’t make any sense.

as I’ve already mentioned, and has even been stated by some devs, m3 is largely a balancing consideration and not hard coded size

And is what I said: makes no sense.

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