Reprocessing Tax location please

Forgive me if there is already a thread or comment on this matter…though I was unable to find it in the search. Perhaps I fail at keywords.


I would deeply appreciate it if I could know where a reprocessing tax has been collected. I find it mildly absurd that I do not know where my tax revenue is coming from. Given that I operate more than one public facility knowing which one is creating revenue and which on isn’t seems like an obvious piece of data I should have. Yet, I am unable to locate it. It could be a simply matter of listing taxes in the same manner as transactions; you right click and have client, location, etc. The data would do wonders.

If there is a way of locating this information I fully expect to be informed and promptly flamed.

Thank you,

LEX ///

Definitely nowhere ingame, that is for sure. If you are lucky, this information is included in the paper trail (IDs in the transaction) which you can read with a third-party program. Ingame there is no way to figure that out.

Another instance of #CCPQualityCoding

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