Republic Fleet Ordinance Loyalty Points

I hear the Resource Wars event is a thing of the past? I suspect it’s now impossible to get LP with the Republic Fleet Ordinance NPC corp but I want to double check here with you guys to see if I’m wrong or not.
How do I get LP with Republic Fleet Ordinance??

Pay people with the leftover LP to redeem and sell an item to you.

Or wait for the events to come back. No guarantee they will and no timeline for their return.

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I hadnt thought of that first one. Itd be cool if they did bring the event back, of course. Or if they created other ways to get the LP like makeung mission agents for them.
I might ask around and see who might have the LP, thanks

These events will return each year. They are for a limited time though as they are tied to each Empire founding celebrations.

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Each year? I heard its been multiple years since the last annual resource wars event

Each Empire has a day of founding that is getting celebrated ingame. During these celebrations you can find mining sites that are identical to those from the resource wars in specific parts of the Empire who has the celebration. However they are only available for the duration of the founding celebration and only for 1 Empire at a time.
You do have to pay attention to when the celebration period for each Empire is announced as there isn’t always an ingame mention on where to go to run these sites.


Ahh okay thank you. So id want to wait for the next “Liberton day” for minmatar and then go out looking for the mining sites to get LP with the Republic Fleet Ordinance

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Yeah, getting LP with Republic Fleet Ordinance can be done during the Minmatar ‘Liberation Day’ event.

Each of the Faction ‘Day’ events usually last about a week.

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Wonderful thank you!

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