Republic of Us is recruiting active players for Null-Sec fun!

(LeVa MagloN) #1

Tired of playing alone? Don’t want to join a corporation where your opinions, ideals and desires do not matter as the only people making decisions are the leaders?

You now have an alternative! Republic of Us is a corporation where every member, no matter the rank and role(s) is treated equally and where ALL decisions are made by vote in the full assembly of the corporation.

EVE Online is not a game that is meant to be played alone. Everything here revolves around player interaction and player activities. We offer a wide variety of everything and suit the needs and wants of every player.

We currently offer:

  • prime quality space in Delve (null-sec);
  • full SRP for all ships used in Corporation activities;
  • wide variety of anchored structures that support every activity;
  • fun and laid back atmosphere with mature players;
  • experienced players that can teach and advise on just about anything;
  • multi-lingual environment (we speak English, Norwegian, Italian, French, German, Romanian);
  • wide variety of activities to support the needs and wants of any EVE Online player (PvP (small gang and fleet within our coalition), mining, ratting, P.I, industry, exploration, e.t.c.);
  • a true democracy, where absolutely every opinion matters;

We currently require:

  • full access, non expiring, API Key on the account(s) that is/are joining the Corporation;
  • minimum of 15.000.000 SP on the main character(s) that is/are joining the Corporation (not set in stone-exceptions can and will be made for the right individuals);
  • active player (those who are inactive for more than one calendar month with no notice will be removed from the corporation);
  • +18 years of age;
  • a wish to have fun;

If you have any more questions, please contact one of our recruiters, join us on our Public Channel or on our Discord server.

Do you have any issues with one of our players or with the corporation as a whole? Do you just have a question that you want answered? Please contact one of the people below!

President: LeVa MagloN (lead diplomat)
Vice President: Hocusro (member manager)
H.R Leader: PeAnUtBuTtEr MuFfInMaN (recruitment coordinator, projects coordinator)
Regional Leader: Nayro Alnair (Scandinavia); jar3388 Rotineque (North America) (diplomats and recruiters for their particular localizations)
Captain of Industry: Absurd Penguin Odunen (industrial leader and liaison)
Master of Strategy:
Diplomat: Rando Mname (English/Romanian); Ghost Sh4d0w (Romanian)
Recruiter: Rando Mname (English/Romanian); Ghost Sh4d0w (Romanian)

OFFICIAL MOTTO: “Pergo et Perago” - “I undertake and I achieve”

Proud members of The Imperium!

Returning player... with newb like innocence <3
Returning player looking for null/wh corp
20mill sp pilot looking for null sec pvp/pve corp
Old pilot rejoining eve
Returning player looking for a home
(LeVa MagloN) #2

Republic of US is still recruiting.

Feel free to bump into us if you need anything :slight_smile:

All the best!

PVP'er Looking to get back in to game
64mil sp returning pilot looking for Corp
13mill sp focused carrier pilot lf 0.0 pve/pvp
New old player 59 Mil SP Char - LF Corp!
(Dr Hamu) #3

Free bump looks good ill be contacting ingame soon :wink:

Coming back to EVE. Looking for a RL friendly corp
47m SP, just resubbed after a long break
84 mil sp Looking for new corp
Returning Pilot Looking for good corp
Returning Pilot LF the pew pew
Returning pilot
Lost at Winning Eve, looking for a fresh start & a new home
Returning Player Looking for New Corp
70 mil sp player looking for NS corp
2 110mil sp Pilots looking for a small/mid scale pvp corps
188m SP pilot looking for a new home!
Closed found a new home
Returning player looking for corp
50m sp combat/cap pilot with alts lf sov 0.0 pvp
Returning Player Looking for Friendly Corp
180mil + Looking For Corp
27Mil SP PVP/PVE Skilled player looking for solid 0.0 corp
Removed - Found Home
EU 36 mil sp Pilot Looking for a Corporation
Returning player looking for a null corp
Returning 70 Mil sp player thinking of coming back to eve
(Deacon Swain) #4

Hi there are you still recruiting?

(LeVa MagloN) #5

@Deacon_Swain - yes, we are. Feel free to join us on our Discord :wink:

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