[REQ] Unsung Heroes is looking for EU/NA Pilots to join us in null sec!

Unsung Heroes is a 5 year old corporation that has close family esq ties with it’s members and operates in Null Sec space. We are an even mix of hybrid pilots. We are self sufficient with mining for fuel/minerals/isk to ratting as well as Player vs. Player combat(PvP).

Where do we live? - We currently live in Impass.

Who are we with? - Unsung Heroes is part of Requiem Eternal Alliance which is part of Legacy Coalition. Don’t worry, your standings will be preset upon joining.

NOTE: We follow NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It) Policy.

USTZ/EUTZ Presence

  • New Bro skill planning also books if you need them.

  • Consistent fleets of various size (frig – battleship) we also have access to brave fleets for daily pew pew. Corp/Alliance SRP

  • Experienced FCs

  • High Sec Orders/Buy back from Corp members

  • Based in Impass so always have content and Crabbing is available

  • BLOP CTA’s

  • Small and large gang roams in LS/NS & Strat Ops

  • Access to Alliance Logistics and home marketplace with access to Test & Brave Markets, doctrine ships always on contract

  • Ratting/Mining space for isk also mining fleets.

  • Access to Corp ship contracts

  • Free Pew Pew Ships

What we’re looking for

  • Active players who are looking to experience null sec

  • Mature Attitude (Must be 21+)

  • Can attend CTA’s (even newbros can join)

What you need to have:

  • Full API access is required

  • Discord and TS3/mumble access with a working mic

  • Ability to take a joke

Our Killboard, for those of you who are interested: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98112705/ For further information, please contact Marcus Thay/Badja or join the “USH recruit” channel #Blamelenny

Still looking for pilots!

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