Unleash your fury - Null Sec adventures await with UNL

Unleashed’ Fury [UNL] is a longstanding EVE online corporation and we are looking for active pilots to join us in New Eden.

UNL has flown together for nearly a decade and we are active in all aspects of nullsec and lowsec gameplay, while we are also members of The Initiative. From small gang roams, to supercapital fleet warfare, wormhole whaling to hotdropping, Unleashed’ Fury has folks interested in a variety of playstyles.

We’ve opened our doors to newer players, removed any skill point cap, and we welcome anyone who can fly our doctrine ships and wants to be active in blowing up spaceships. We look to help newer players and our veterans enjoy teaching a new generation of pilots, and allows our newbro friends the opportunity to learn from folks with much to teach.

We’re looking for mature folks across timezones to form new friendships and fleet up and we are a fairly relaxed and experienced corporation and understand that real life is important. Within UNL there are groups who are more hardcore about lowsec PVP, industry, and other activities. If you’re excited about EVE, willing to respect your fellow pilots, and have a mature and positive attitude: you’ll fit right in.

Who are we

★ A stable corporation which has been flying together for nearly a decade

★ Pilots primarily in EU and North American Timezones (NL, DE, FR, US, CA, AU, NZ, and others!)

★ A leading PvP corp, across a variety of playstyles

★ Members with vast experience in New Eden

★ Tight-knit and friendly community

★ Member of The Initiative alliance, and The Imperium coalition.

Why us

★ No drama. Just spaceships.

★ Freedom to do what you want.

★ Experienced and helpful members who enjoy all aspects of the game and are happy to offer help and advice.

★ Lots of content, with frequent fleets with a variety of PvP styles.

★ Very experienced corporation and alliance FCs. Extensive experience with small gang, hot-dropping, capital/supercapital warfare, and more.

★ Great ISK-making opportunities in our home region of Fountain and the surrounding regions

★ Stable corporation within The Initiative., with members in core leadership roles

★ As a member of The Imperium, we have access to resources, content, markets, and expertise that are unrivaled in New Eden

We offer

★ Opportunity to fly in enormous, large, tiny, and solo nullsec and lowsec PvP subcap, capital, and supercapital engagements

★ Access to resources and content in prime nullsec regions

★ Alliance Ship Replacement Program & doctrine ships seeded in our staging systems

★ Round-the-clock PvP fleets in EUTZ, USTZ, AUTZ, and every TZ in-between.

★ Industrial support. Capital and Supercap facilities and BPO access. T2 Refineries.

★ Mining access to R64s and prime nullsec anomalies/belts. Corp mining fleets with supercap protection.

★ Ratting access in shared and semi-exclusive Sov systems of very high quality, as well as in NPC space

★ A community focused on having fun flying spaceships and looking out for one another

★ Excellent corp, alliance, and coalition logistics to move your stuff from place to place


★ English language

★ Maturity and Respect

★ Flexibility [Multiple stagings & multiple jump clones needed, skilling towards doctrine ships]

★ Team player and willingness to help your corpmates

★ Full ESI access

★ Voice comms (Mumble)

★ Discord

In-game recruitment channel: Unleashed Fury Public

Recruiting contacts: Vanguard Andromedus, Neverforgotten, Satris Hysteric or Jaden Jast, or anyone else from UNL you see in the public channel.

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Been with this corp for years, best group of people I’ve ever flown with, very welcoming, friendly and helpful :slight_smile:

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