Unleashed Fury (UNL) The Initiative

UNL is a PVP corp within INIT alliance living in the Fountain Region. With a primary focus on PVP for alliance and corp.

Our goal is to enjoy EvE in every aspect with no drama policy and RL comes first. We have a strong EU presence mainly but also have a US presence as well. The alliance runs 24/7 as you would expect so you are never short of people to play with.

We have to offer a relaxed environment to enjoy your game with only a few expectations of any corp member.

  • Wanting to PVP even if your a super noob at it give it ago no one is perfect

  • Respect all other corp members and rules within corp

  • To be able to jump on coms and get involved and say hello

  • Be self-sufficient and use the tools around you to fund your own game and play it how you want to play.

  • All main characters to be in corp or declared. We are not looking to be a 2nd corp we want to be your first choice.

In return, we offer access to some of biggest battles in EvE with the INFAMOUS Stuka Fleets been run on regular basis. Big Fleet operation with some of best FC’s around.

  • We have small PVP to offer as well with local hostiles to shoot and corp roams. on a weekly basis

  • Capital fights and campaigns around the year to keep us interested with enemies to kill

  • Alliance SRP to help cover losses

  • Fountain is one of the most lucrative regions in space so spending less time on PVE

  • PVE opportunities available are ratting. mining ore, Ice, moon mining and industrial building from sub caps to Supers and Titans.

  • Well funded local market with ready built ships on contracts and jump freighter services are available.

KB https://zkillboard.com/corporation/497926671/

We are looking for a minimum 25M SP skill points with them focused on combat. We will consider less depending on circumstances.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining then please join the in-game channel " Unleashed Fury Public" or send an EvE mail to the following characters Vanguard Andromedus, 060606, Kagrack or Satris.

If you are interested in Nullsec PVP, making money, and all around enjoyment of the game, reach out to us!

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