Unleashed Fury (UNL)

UNL is recruiting looking for NS based players who enjoy to be social and play EvE.

What we can offer you!!!

Friendly corp to PVP & PVE

ISK making opportunities

0.0 space access

Ship Replacement scheme for PVP losses

Target rich environment

Alliance large-scale operation

Organised PvP large and small

Capitals to be used and abused

Friendly place to grow and learn or sit back and chat

An abundance of DED plexs to probe out and explore

ABCM ores

SuperCap market

Sov wars

Small-scale roams

BLOPS fleets

PvE fleets

Moon mining

Active markets to buy and sell items

Industry infrastructure to build ships capitals and super caps

What we require from you

Minimum 15M SP with an OMEGA clone for at least 1 account

To be able to self-sufficient but help always available if require.

Happy to PVP and give it ago and loose ships (That’s what Eve is all about)

To be able to use a MIC this is not optional you must be able to come on comms and say hello

If you wanna pop into public chat and ask any further question please join " Unleashed Fury Public" channel or send mail to Vanguard Andromedus, Inslander Wessette or 060606

Still looking :smiley:

All Capitals deserve Air time

Still looking


Still looking


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We need need more buddies

Still looking

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