Request for a transport

i’m searching for one player that could trasport a lot of stuff stuck in kino to piak.
Please specify the cost in isk for every m/3 of stuff and the max you could trasport at one time

Thx all
Laurye Andreas

Contact push x or red frog

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thanks you
can you tell me the exact name to search.
I cant find “push x” and there are a lot of “red frog”

thanks for any other help


Does pushX do trig home transports?

I don’t know. I was just giving the guy the links he asked for.

No, they don’t offer services in/out Povchen.

OP the problem is getting into Kino, not getting out. For those who only have <7 standing there are only two ways in a) filament roulette with a 1 in 3 chance to hit Kino and b) probe the kspace reverse static in 3j radius of the old Kino position. The statics allow max. Bowheads no freighters. But DST should be easy.


as said by tipa riot they dont offer service in povchen
Any other idea?

Do it yourself (way outlined above) which could be fun, or get in contact with the people living there

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I don’t think it’s fun to go get myself killed in triglavian space. Anyone doing transport from kino to Piak?

I don‘t get it, what‘s the point of playing when you are not willing to take a challenge?

Some may think that jumping from the 12th floor is a challenge, I think it is suicide

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Yes, if you are dumb enough to not come with a chute. :wink:

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