Someone interested in trasport from triglan space

i’ve have some stuff to trasport from kino (triglavia space) to piak.
Someone is interested? price?

Are you still needing assistance?

yes of course

What volume is it? also do you need it moved or would you be interested in someone just buying it as is for discount from k-space price?

almost 2000 objects for about 6 million cubic meters for a nominal value of 10000 million.
Some of that i want to transport some i can sell

Link a list of what you are willing to sell from I will make an offer.

i have tons of object. Uou are interested only in buy or you can transport something for me?
In case of buy what are the item you are interested in?

Send me an in game mail with the details. Kybernaut Clade currently live in Kino and we may can help you out.

N. Kondur
Kybernauts Clade

thx for any help you can give me

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