In Need Of A Fleet To Help Me...will pay

I Took A Year Off EVE and I just came back to find my home base part of the trig final liminality, looking to pay a corp willing to help transport +/- 15 bill in asserts for a healthy profit 2 jumps, I am a small corp with mainly my alts as members and I dont want to lose everything. any sort of help would be appreciated and I would be sure to assist in the evacuation of my corp if I can. I kind of find it dumb that a returning player can not even evacuate if they have not been playing non-stop since this update. no salt just frustration. i will be activating all the people i know to help with this invasion, it is just super hard for returning players to take part when the trigs are right outside and will pop ships on undocking, or getting to a gate.

Red frog or pushx. They are premiere hauling services. I used pushx in the past quite often.

Not sure of a site for redfrog


Thanks will try

they only do high sec, ichoriya is now considered null sec, i dont know who to ask

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did you miss this on pushx website : We service Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec, Thera, and SOV

Error! Ichoriya is blacklisted, reason: Triglavian owned and can’t light cynos in hisec.

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