Looking for Corp near Immensea/South of Nullsec. I want to shoot Rats

Hey guys. I just came back to EVE after some break, and I’m looking for a corp near where I last lived, which was in Immensea. I can take few jumps, but not across the whole bloody universe. (under 10 jumps maybe?)

Shared across 2 accounts, I have a ratting character, an eye, 4-5 PI toons.

I don’t like to PvP much nor do I have much skill (both in terms of SP and actual skill) in that regard.

I’d really love it if you had quite dead-sec with low security that I can rat in.

I’d be willing to either pay % tax / or monthly sum, but tax no more than 10%, preferably bit less.

So if you are looking for some nice extra tax generator in your corp, do let me know. o/

If you are looking to rent hit up @Arrowspeeed_Bounty she is the diplo for ICON down in Ten

Most corps in western Immensea are recruiting, from what I know. Since you are not cheenise and LUMPY are not your cap of tea, you are pretty much limited in your choice to join some Legacy alliance team member. They recently kicked some russians out of the space and those are still salty about the lost case, so cloaky campers are pretty much out there. But things just started to settle down, you can jump the train, if you feel like, which is good, IMHO. Good news for you - many corps are not 100% PvP addicted no lifers, you have where to choose.

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