Requesting evaluation on pilots
^^^ JF/Carrier pilot
^^^Battleship/ PVP pilot Marauder capable(Golem/Vargur/Paladin)
^^^Drone/PVP pilot(Golem/Nestor) All 3 main pilots can fly nestor well.
^^^Light indy/Tackle/PVP pilot

I am considering selling my entire multibox arsenal and purchasing more specialized toons that can create a better multibox setup for pvp/abyssals rather than being so spread out across the board, and am possibly looking at adding industry into this mix, I may even consider trading these 4 for 3 that are more specialized as well and can coordinate together better.

Thoughts on my skills etc are much appreciated.

Im also moving away from the roleplay names to the single named toons.
Can buy this one for 72b.

seems a bit under the mark of what id want for it tbh id probably start bids at 75-80 if i did sell this one
:stuck_out_tongue: but thanks for the evaluation


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