Rescue One RESC1 (The Forge-highsec) Looking for an Alliance

Rescue One - Vattuolen X - Moon 14 - Peace and Order Unit Assembly Plant (The Forge)

We are searching for an Alliance to help us grow and to provide a sense of security for our Corp. We are greatly focused on mining but we are also actively donig PvE, industry, trade and trying to get into PvP as well.

Some key notes about RESC1:
-Friendly-Fire is illegal, tax at 10% to start
-We are located in The Forge region (0.7sec)
-highsec moon mining
-Currently highly active in mining, while also active in PvE, and industry/trade. Open for pvp as well.
-Our end game is to open a station or starbase in low/nullsec and operate from there and engage in PvP

We are a close niche corp and we are building from the ground up. We are co-owned by Jamie Buddhamiere and partner Rika Crendraven who in IRL are EMTs and love EVE so made a corp Rescue One in honor of our profession.

So there are 9 of us so far and growing fast. We are working hard at our corp to make it something special and meaningful to us and others. We are just kind of desperate to look for pilots to join and grow with us. We try not to be set on doing one thing or another, we work on touching all bases of the game like mining, hauling, trade, combat, in order to support our members in whatever they finding intersting to do ingame.

If you have any questions or would like to talk please message me ingame
Sincerly, Jamie

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