[RESOLVED] 2017/10/10 - Unscheduled Downtime

EVE is over? server viped? everything will start from zero point?)


all i saw ingame was a shutdown time of 1 second and thought “uhm, wtf” :neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Same thought here too

Well we got the 1 hour shutdown and then it shutdown at the 15min mark roughly rather than the 15min warning.

So it was kinda announced but not in that the server would be down early.

Ditto the above…just as I was telling my FFXIV playing wife how crappy her game was and crowing how great and reliable Eve/CCP are… my fault then.

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So it was YOU that hit the button then!! Curses!! GRRRGoons!!:smiling_imp:

all your fault mate

Well the standard DT messages get sent without CCP doing anything, i’ve never seen the cluster be taken down this fast before on purpose, i ean we’ve seen it crash but this wasn’t a crash it was deliberately shut down

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Cos they’re going to be awesome and release the patch early = perfect chaos! I hope!

but why ? and what about the stuff we was doing? will they be safe/there when we get back?

Yes me neither hence the thread. It is entirely out of place.

CCPL will be scooping Excavators all over Delve!

But that’s just me riding the bandwagon!

Glad I’m not going mad…

Seems CCp want to install new skins. It’s hardly work. need earler DT…

InB4 some crazy exploit was discovered and this is the start of a rollback

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Rip anyone doing anything, Shutdown: 1sec then boom gone.
Rip CCP reimbursement team today

I wonder if there was a fleet fight someone wanted to save or “win” lol

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It is Patch Tuesday after Vegas, there’s NES items, skins and other goodies to slide in. More floppies to swap.

servers are back I’m in a pod

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get that ticket in! :smiley: