[Resolved] 20240312 - Unscheduled Extended Downtime

Downtime today for the server is extended. This is an unscheduled extended downtime. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will post updates on when we expect the server to be open for players on status.eveonline.com.

Update - 11.27 UTC: The server is now open and accessible to players. Apologies for the extended downtime. Fly safe! o7


respect, we quickly coped with the problem))

It happens quite often, wouldn’t you like to start investing in better infrastructure?

english boy

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Most generic statement I ever saw :joy:

Pretty much this game runs on 1 server that has like uhhhh TB of ram? They showed it in a blog post some time ago.

Might have something to do with the fact that every time every time I open a window the fps tanks from over 60 to 0. I know that’s mostly a client side issue, but I suspect there’s something going on with the server causing it too.

You can complain about many things with CCP but server infrastructure and SOL simulation code are not it. People running those and handling SOL simulation code are truly amazing at what they do.

If you want to complain about infrastructure complain about the brain dead idea of putting chat on AWS with all the resulting desyncs, disconnects and other fun things. Somehow I think that was management push rather than techies :wink:

Why were the Partially Corrupted Cryschip items removed after less than 5 days of people having the chance to acquire them?