[Resolved]Extended Downtime Notification - 11 July 2024

Hey everyone,

There will be an extended downtime on Thursday, 11 July for maintenance on the EVE Online Network. We expect this will take up to 30 minutes, and we estimate that the server will be available at 11:30 UTC.

Any updates will be made on the EVE Status Page and will also be mirrored here.

Edit 11:02 - Work has begun.
Edit: 11:09 - Work has been completed, running checks.
Edit: 11:36 - This task has been successfully completed.


Push this to the Launcher so that people actually see it.


Probably end up being another 600 MB to 1 GB download…

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So uninstall.

We heard you the first five times. If the amount of bandwidth is that critical, then a luxury like EvE should probably go. :thinking:


Bandwidth isn’t the issue. It’s just an annoyance.

Could this be considered stalking?

Because even before I cared to read the extended maintenance downtime announcement, frosty went and checked on the latest

important stuff

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Long skill queue, got it



At least there’re Patch Notes for the 11th.


Thank you for the warning, hope everything works out!

Another 2Gbyte patch. :roll_eyes:

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The more the better…

another day, another ccp bandage the code instead to take their time to actualy fix it

Oh, really?

Do tell us how you expect them to unravel 20 year old legacy code without a complete rewrite of the entire thing. You’re obviously a coding genius, so where’s the CCP tag in front of your name so you can fix this for us?



Just like everyone is the perfect football trainer and knows everything better, everyone here seems to be a super coder who can judge code quality and spot errors in said code just by playing the game or by getting a downtime notification.



by taking their time to actualy do it duh ? i play eve for almost a decade and i can and will wait ccp to fix their coding issue instead of applying a bandage and call it a day

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Tell you what. Next time you have a plate of spaghetti or any other string pasta, I want you to sit there and separate the pile into each individual noodle before you eat it.

Shouldn’t be difficult, you just need to take the time to actually do it, right?

That’s orders of magnitude easier than what you want CCP to do.

that’s their job to properly fix their code issue, not the customer one who want to enjoy the product

Then you run face first into reality and it’s limitations on resources.

You wishing and hoping for something that will never happen is all well and good. But you need to be realistic about your expectations.

When I call tech support, I expect them to be able to help me fix my issue. Reality is they’re reading from a script and know less about the product they’re supporting than I do.

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