[Resolved] - Unexpected Extended Downtime


Downtime will likely pass the 15 minute mark today.
This was unexpected and we’ll keep you informed of any developments in this forum thread!

Thanks for your patience.


11:15 - Initial deployment of today’s update was unsuccessful. Redeploying now.

11:23 - Deployment complete. TQ open.


Thanks for the info, I was just getting ready to log into the game…

Soo, any specific reason for the delay?


Also 1st… :grinning:

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Nice first action in office. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks for the info. Please throw this into the launcher as well so that people don’t complain elsewhere and know what’s going on.

EVE is dying


What broke?

mouse in the Reykjavík office randomly pushed keys and messed up the server settings

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lol, nice…

However, unless I’m seeing things, I think you meant pig… :wink:

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those poor hamsters finally passed out. R.I.P Hamtaro :frowning:

Oh no my isk/minute ratio is destroyed, how could u do dis


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