[RESOLVED] Issue with macOS clients not launching - 2023 March 14

So CCP putting the wrong date up on launcher window must give you Mac users a lot of confidence in them fixing the issue :dizzy_face:

My corp newbabies need me :sunny:
Hope they won’t do anything foolish while I’m gone!

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Same. Game is not working on Mac since today. Will wait for the fix

Same here. Waiting for a hotfix.

It’s not going to launch until they’ve re-built it, tested, and released it.

Not a 30 minute job,

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I have to admit it was my young son that said the date was wrong so i cant take credit for it lol


I am a new mac user and a new eve player and I am affected by this, I thought my game cache was broken so I reinstalled steam/eve, as I couldn’t tell if it was the game client or steam/macOS causing the issue as regular windows players logged in fine after the update. Very confusing for me, but I guess it is a learning experience.

It will be interesting if I start over with 100ISK and a corvette :slight_smile:



Always check the forums and/or Twitter first, before reinstalling. :slight_smile:

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Just wait for hotfix, developers are working on that. :slight_smile:

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Good advice, I will heed for the future, I had already began uninstalling steam/eve as I thought it was my own issue, the game launcher didn’t have a macos notification/warning until about 1.5 hours in. I will just log off and wait. No complaints from me, I am a new player so I didn’t think to check the forums.

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I use windows 11 and I have the same problem…

…now that is awkward! Are you running Windows 11 on ARM?

Welcome to the MAC-fellowship!


YES, all complainers… amazing.

CCP has a wonderful native client that run ■■■■■■■ buttersmooth on mac, it’s beautiful please show some appreciation…


Albeit the issue is PITA of course, I just congrats the CCP teams for reactivity, openness and communication management - rarely saw that in other games/editors from my humble point of view.
Hope it will be fixed soon of course - need making ISK for sure and each hour we can’t, that’s a torture …

May Bob be with the CCP dev/fix team! :slight_smile: )



Give me another game that has such a wonderful Mac port… It’s hands down the best game on mac


My M1 Mac Mini does great even in the biggest of tidi fights. Thank you for addressing the issue and for providing a great Mac experience overall.


Solved my problem. I remembered that my PC had “turned overnight” and I restarted it. For some reason the s.o only started downloading the new version after this restart. Before even deleting the cache had not worked.

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