[RESOLVED] Issue with macOS clients not launching - 2023 March 14

Mac client crashing at login screen again. 1st downtime since yesterday’s patch.

We’re not aware of crashing issues with the Mac client since the fix we deployed yesterday.

If you are experiencing crashing, please file a bug report so we can investigate. Feel free to tag me and @CCP_Habakuk in the ticket.

It is worth making sure you have “download everything” turned on in the launcher, as this has sometimes caused problems when the connection has been unstable and the client is fetching assets.

24 hours later and my audio bug is still not fixed, even tho is enabled i still can not hear the game audio

My Client was fine after the patch, no login issues. After the next down time I now have login issues. The client is crashing at login. I have submitted a ticket. I will update the ticket with a tag.

@CCP_Caffeine @CCP_Habakuk

Today is Sunday after downtime, Mac OS, client still crashing on startup since last Wednesdays downtime. Ticket submitted including log lite files.

Really hoping that I could participate in the event that we’ve all been patiently waiting for for the past year.

I asked the GMs to reply to you and look into it further. We’re not aware of any startup crashing issues on macOS. We’ve tested on both Intel and Apple Silicon based systems and not been able to find any problems.

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Thanks, I think it might be a problem with having the client in window mode stretched across two 27 Inch monitors. If I reduce the width of the client to fit the width of just one 27 Inch monitor before the three portraits screen appears then the client remains stable. I can then stretch the client window to the width of both screens again and login successfully.

If I login with the client stretched to the width of just one monitor it rearranges all my in-game windows.