ResourceOne Industries High/Low Sec PVE

ResourceOne Industries is currently accepting new active pilots

ResourceOne Industries is a new Corp based in Placid. We are looking primarily for Mining pilots to help fill our ranks but accepting pilots of all disciplines. As we are new we have grown pretty fast during our infancy and we’d be happy to accept both veteran and new pilots alike. Alpha’s Welcome.

We are a laid back yet very structured Corp we understand that life comes first as long as you are willing to grow with us your welcome in our ranks. We offer various benefits and have room for you to not just be a cog in the machine but to move up in our ranks and maybe one day become a Division Commander.

We have:

  • Low Corp Tax
  • Comms (Discord)
  • Alliance providing a multitude of services and support
  • OBP Ore Buy Back Program
  • New pilot Support
  • Relocation Assistance
  • HighSec/LowSec Operations (Mining, Missions, Exploration)

The only thing we ask for is your loyalty, we don’t care how often you can play or how skilled you are in the game just be helpful, respectful, and enjoy yourself.

Checkout our recruitment channel : ResourceOne

Either Apply in the Corp menu , mail or reply here.

For quick response in game mail to either Betafy Oderon or Khace Hammer would be your best bet.

Thank you,

Betafy Oderon
CEO of ResourceOne Industries

Weekly Bump

Hey hey we are a null corp looking to expand, hop in our pub iiar or shoot me a mail we have an offer for you.

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