Respawntime of Ore anomaly not correct

Hi, today at 5:41 ET i ended a colossal anomaly and it should respawn again at 9:41 ET normaly? but now it is 10:30 ET and the anomaly is still not respawned… what about the 4 h respawn time?

NOW at 10:41 ET it respawned… were there changes to 5 h respawntime?

  • 5 hours for the Colossal Asteroid Cluster variants

5 seconds of google search.

5 hours for colossal.

I love you arisha moon.

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Yeah, and to protect himself from robust answers, he hides behind the newbie “shield” with those questions.

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She never changes. Thats why I love her.


Thanks to your comments, I looked up that characters posts… and found this particular thread in the Geman recruiting-forum.
Great entertainment! :popcorn:

Thinking of making a story-time blogpost of it.

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You should look up her market forums antics as well. Great read. She may have considered me her enemy before, but I assure you I have always loved her.


do we know us ingame?^^

No, we know each other from the forums.



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