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J103406 C2 Pulsar ( Former Primary Home of Dependent On Pilots )

This location FEATURES the following:

PVP ----- Active Low Class Wormhole

PVE Stats

Occupied this Wormhole for a little over a year… WHSOC

Wormhole Planetary Interaction also known as PI is amazing here… J103406

POCO - All owned by Dependent On Pilots and will be transferred upon completion of transaction in game.

The Static C3 is a strong Resource Chain that can supply the Corporation or Alliance that is interested in living here. Also the Static High Sec makes it easy for ALL the leadership and logistic guys/gals. Believe me, you will love the HS better then anything else in this hole. PVPer will tell you differently, however they usually are not the guys that haul everything for everyone to fight in the first place…take that for what is. :slight_smile:

This Wormhole is great for small/medium Corporations that are attempting to strengthen their numbers while supplying their players with a bunch of different content all the while having access to HS on a daily basis. Most people say that the C2 living is not good, but we found it to be very active or at least as active as we wanted it to be on any given day. The only reason we have evacuated this particular WH, was simply that our Alliance was heading in a different WH lifestyle.

If interested, please contact me here or in game as I am always open for talking about it. The price is hard set based on the current average cost of all things already established inside the WH, using the wonderfully creditable Evepraisal website.

Currently POS LOCKED at every Moon (41 Count) in system and will be taken down individually. We are willing to help you replace them as your Own until CCP gets rid of them in about 8 months. This is a value of 1.8Bil by itself.

Lastly, the Pulsar effect will nearly guarantee that any enemy fleets that are serious about evictions will bring certain (Shield) Doctrines. With this in mind, you can create your Defense Fleet (Including CAPS) in order to repel those Plebs.

Total Price - 5.4 Billion ( ISK ) – OBO –
( ALL Structures included… Astra ( Fully Fit w/Ammo ) POCO’s, POS Structures, & Athanor (Fit).


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Can confirm, awesome hole, was an awesome home, and glaser is awesome guy. Would be a nice hole for someone :smiley:


A few potential buyers have reached out to me. WH life is still available and looking to make it a good home for someone.

A couple of offers but we are still looking for the right Corp/Alliance fit for this great location. Send me a in game mail or comment here, if interested!


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Can confirm this hole is a fantastic eviction target opportunity :slight_smile: 10/10 would try again

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