Returning 129 mil SP Industrial - High Sec [EU]

Been out of the game for 10 years, so basically looking at potentially coming back and probably having to learn everything from scratch.

Based in the UK, looking for a small chill corp to hang out with and re-learn the game before jumping back in fully with the Omega if possible. Not looking for low/null sec or PVP activity at this point, just a previously happy rock muncher and used to grind anomalies(?).

Character has 129 mil skill points, mostly industrial but plenty of combat skills in there. Believe character is in the Derelik region currently, but happy to move.

Not sure what other information might be relevant, but open to my options.

Hey, Collection of Knowledge is recruiting. We are a High sec based industry focused corp with an alliance that participates in pretty much every other aspect of Eve. Join our in game channel Collection of Knowledge or discord Seker Matar

Welcome bsck bud am booking for new members to join my corp we live in LowSec.we have plenty of pew pew i also run a alliance we have a good laugh together and RL comes first with us all me and the co owner are uk based if you want to have a chat jump on our discord


maybe GDawn is interesting for you, we are just starting out in high sec again and welcome returning players. Our Corp is new player friendly, but because of that we also need players with experience that can show new players how it’s running in EvE: GDawn