Returning Bro, looking for Faction Warfare focused corp

Hello capsuleers,

As per title, after years of fleet pvp and pve I decide to learn to PvP on my own. For that reason, I am looking for a corp that focuses mainly on solo/small gang faction warfare content, other content is good but not my main focus.

Obviusly, me being a big fleet guy I have low to almost none solo/small gangs pvp experience so the corp I am looking for should be newbros(in my case “noob bro”) friendly and, for standing reasons, must be willing to accept an alt character into their corp(or war case scenario I can move my main, but it has to be in a non wardec corp).

I’m not looking necessarily for big corps, just active enough to have people to chat and play with. I can speak both italian and english. And for the time being I will play as an alpha, looking to upgrade in the future since my main account is self sustainable isk wise.

Thank you for your time.

Edit: Abyssals as a secondary activity is most welcome!

Bump of shame. :’(

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I know of a Corp of Italians named “Quelli che Scoppiano” in Minmatar FW, Part of Ushra Khan. Should fit your bill, use ingame search function and apply. Cheers

Or if language is not your concern, look up Red Sky Morning on the opposite side.

Thanks a lot for your replies. Language was never a barrier, but being an unknown non native speaking guy in a huge corp was always a big dampener on my socializing skills. Anyhow, I took the Ushra Khan suggestion and joined them, hoping that an Italian relatively small corp will satisfy my social needs.

Thanks again.

Fly safe.

Hey bro we just started a FW Corp, Sosala inquisition. New and old bros welcome most active us tz

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