Returning Honeybadger Looking 4 New Home

Greetings ladys and gentlemen.

After a large hiatus due to Health issues & boredom, and wanting to blow up a certain company.
I am now considdering a return to Eve Online and all the fun it has to offer, the negatives 2 ,

a bit about me:

I used to be semi ok in a fight, decent team player, and known for being as friendly as a cross between a Wolverine and a Honeybadger to both friend and foe.
I have a headset and microphone and a shitty memory.
RL comes first and i cant do 12h pluss fleetfights, so no nulsec corps reply to this please, im not interested or able to deal with nullsec bullshittery and politics, they can go stick it up their ass.

Id mainly be looking for a factiowarfare or lowsec pirate corp.
So if anyone thinks id be suitable or maybe fit in, please do reply, i wont bite much .


Hi Tomas,

In the mindset of you miss 100% of the shots you dont take - I think you will find a different experience in Guns. We are a RL first corp, no compulsory CTAs and are pretty stable in our space; yes we are in null but arent majorly involved in the bulshti politics.

Check out our ad, and hopefully we might be a better fit than you think.


looking at the corps history & info, kb, location and possible fights i am intrigued.
And you are right. 100% of the shots you dont take are a miss.

But ill give my post a 48h uptime before deciding over what offers i get and who to to a intervju with,

Nullsec is really far down on my priority list simply cause ive been in that marshpit before.
Where alliances just use you as cannonfodder.
Protecting their assets, wile the indy circle of the alliance rakes in the cash & income and lines the leadership with money to fuel their greed for more money & supers, Wile the pvpers protecting them 90% of the time barely get their losses covered in return

Sure i can be called a bitter pvp vet, and of course i enjoy pvp.
But i dont enjoy being a simple tool for others to get greedy and line their pockets.


Honeybadger has found a new home for now and will be chewing on legs . i thank you for all the contacts from recruiters and wish you all the best. i will remove this post in 24h .

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