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Hello pilots o7,

After two years away from New Eden, I’ve decided to return and pick up my indy operations where I left off. I have multiple toons trained in T2 production, BPO researching, mining, market trading, freighter hauling and corp leadership. I was wondering what if any aspects of these professions may have changed over the last 2 years? I read a little bit about broker relations and relist charges already. I used to use a custom spreadsheet to calculate profit margins on specific T2 items, does anyone know of a good resource that includes these new fees?

Any and all tidbits about indy changes is greatly appreciated!


Brokerage fees are the same as they were 2 years ago and relist fees are optional. If you pick your price point and let the market come to you you will never need to pay them. As a manufacturer, you know your cost - materials, invention, production and market fees. Simply add a reasonable profit margin and list your product. That’s your floor price - you’re not going to sell for less.

I find it worthwhile to list some product at market if market price is well above my floor because I only need to sell one or two at the higher price to cover the relist fee.

With mineral scarcity we’re selling into a rising market but it’s taking a while for higher raw material prices to work their way through the value chain - mineral prices are rising faster than finished goods.

You’ll want to train advanced broker relations (used to be margin trading) to level 5 to minimize relisting fees. Other than that the last significant change was moon mining in the Lifeblood expansion which pushed up the cost of moon materials but that was more than 2 years ago.

Good luck and Welcome back.

Thank you. I played during the Lifeblood update so I know about moon materials. You mentioned mining resource scarcity? Is there a particular reason for this?

Infinite resources combined with the Rorqual’s incredible ability to harvest them was creating a dangerous imbalance in the economy. CCP came up with a 3 phase campaign to fix it. The first phase - scarcity is ongoing. Value of ore mined has been cut in half over the past year in spite of a significant increase in unit value. More info:

Thank you for sharing this article.

The broker fee and relist changes effectively makes a financially costly to constantly update prices (ie the .01 isk war). My personal experience after the changes has been that my buy orders for raw materials in Trade hubs tend to fill faster with fewer updates needed from me.

I no longer create sell orders in Jita but I suspect that prices for sell orders drop faster now, so you need to move quicker to catch profits. I may be completely wrong here however.

@Do Little

The article amazed me in its ability to use a lot a impressive sounding phrases and statements that don not actually say anything quantifiably specific.

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Of course not! For 2 reasons:

  1. If they gave us hard numbers, it would be priced into the market and player behavior instantly - which would change the calculations, which would change the numbers and we’d complain about that instead!

  2. This is an iterative process - each stage will depend on how we react to the previous one - there are no hard numbers to be given even if they wanted to!

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