Returning On Off player looking to finally get evolved!

Had a character since 2012 and have been playing on and off for years, but I’ve never really done anything.
Each time I come back I say to myself ‘I will join a Corp and finally see what the game is really about!’, but I never do. I end up going off and doing missions, some mining and then jump through a wormhole and get blown up!
Never really found what I was meant to do in the game, I enjoy a bit of everything although I’ve never done PVP.
I’m currently an Alpha but if I do find a new home then I want to jump in and go Omega and see what New Eden is really about!
Anyone want to point me in the right direction?
UK Timezone

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I’ll Eve mail you in game



Have a look at our new/returning pilot Corp which could give you a solid start in null sec and when you’re ready you can graduate to our null sec PvP Corp

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