Returning Pilot looking casual corp (80 Million SP)

Eve is one of those games that no matter how many times I quit I eventually find my way back to.

It’s been a few years since I last logged in but I have been seeing the new updates come across my general gaming feeds and the half off sale they are running was the icing on the cake to pull me back in.

I’m a casual laid back dude that is looking for something casual in nature because I am super busy with real life/starting a business and I cannot always be readily available for missions or gang roams.

I like EVE because it’s something where I can put on on the side and do mining or something productive while working on real life stuff. I just like to have the option of hanging out and chatting with people when I am available to.

I’ve never been good at PVP in this game but I’m not opposed to learning as time goes on. I’ve lived in Wormholes before and tend to enjoy jumping in a Sisters ship and going on long exploration missions through low and null sec.

Things I am looking for

  • US Time Zone Corp. I would mostly be active in the 6 PM to 10 PM CST range. Would like a corp that is active during that time.

  • Education Friendly - I am sure a lot has changed since the last time I played and I would like a corp that is willing to fill me in on changes and help explain aspects of the game I’m not familiar with anymore.

  • Active corporation that likes going out and doing things, but also doesn’t mind if I am off doing my own thing at times and doesn’t have any set attendance requirements.

Looking forward to seeing what is out there now and who is still active and doing things on the regular. Look forward to hearing from people.

Email sent

Come have a chat with us friend

Darius Onok, Welcome back, lets make the most of your gaming preferences whilst enjoying our community, we sent you an in game mail and hope to hear back. o7

Hey dude welcome back! I believe you describe WEF to a “T”! RL first, laid back but very social and highly active across the corp. Lots of content but also tons of programs to be a part of. WE ARE FAM!!! War Eagle Fleet - Unlimited Null Life - GOONSWARM - Highly Active PvP-based Corp

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