Returning Pilot Looking for a VERY active EU corp 98M SP Main + 35M SP Alt


I just re subbed to the game after a long time of inactivity. I have played it as a loner mostly since its release.

I have been in a few corps and I’m in one at the moment. Everybody is nice and have been in my past corps as well. However my timezone is in the EU (GMT + 1). All the corps I found so far are not aligned with my playtime.

I’m looking for an active corp that has something to do every day. Both of my chars are PVE focused and that’s what I want to do mostly.

Exploration, Mining, Combat Sites or whatever you can recommend, not sure, there seems to be so many new things :smiley:

I don’t mind PVP but I don’t want to sit on a gate for 2,5 hours watching space dust :smiley:

Size of the corp does not matter emphasis is on good atmosphere for me. I hope to make new friends :slight_smile:

Any region / security is fine with me as long as I’m not forced to sit in a station for a week spinning my ship because we can not undock due to hostiles.

I very active and would play every day. That being said I have a family therefore I’m looking for a corp that understands the RL comes first.

Usage of voice comms like discord would be a huge plus for me.

Main is mostly an agent runner / explorer. Can fly a lot of ships, the largest ships I can fly are the Minmatar carriers.

Alt is focused on industry mostly mining and reprocessing, can fly exhumers but can’t fly an orca tough.

Still learning the industry chain and would definitely need a mentor. Same goes for my main, I could use some help to get used to so many changes that have happened in the universe :slight_smile:


yo m8, well here we are EU based, i wont say EVERYDAY ready operations sence we all are grown ops and have families, but we do cool stuff and make a difference, you beeing an explorer and seem a trader sure know about the gankers and pirates around, well, we fight them ;o)

We got a bunch of people that are happy about PVE stuff so im sure ull find friends there for that, otherwise we fight crime in PVP and we make it look good :sunglasses:

Have a look at the add see what u think, enjoy and ttys :v:

New Eden Police Force

Hi Raira,

Mass is part of Pandemic horde where we are currently involved in the delve war against Goons and friends.

So if you are looking for multiple big fights on a daily basis we can offer you just that.

We can also offer you a more relaxed gameplay as part of our thera wing who will focus in pure small/midsize pvp where your skills will actually matter.

for both options you will have access to great space for your alts to make the iskies you need to fund your pvp.

anyway if you want to know more on what we have to offer and what we are currently doing feel free to visit our discord

Best of luck finding a new home


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