Returning pilot with new account

Hey all,
Im a returning player although i dont have my original account (only played for about a year and a half in circa 2010 ish? and can’t for the life of me remember the toon)

I’ve started a new toon a couple of months ago and pottered around highsec. Current corp isn’t doing much for me so looking to go back to nullsec. I previously live up north so maybe up there? I don’t much know who is where at the moment. Just prefer a big group as it makes buying stuff easier

I have just shy of 4mil sp, currently alpha but will go omega again when i find a new home. I can fund myself fairly easily (single nerd, do the math) and would like to fly in big bloc fleets as logi again. Maybe dip my toe into small scale fc once my toons is built up a bit more?

Bit vauge as i don’t really know what im looking for, somewhere chill with plenty of content and people to have a laugh with on voice. Anyone willing to take a newbro account with some underlying experience? active across alot of timezones due to shift work.

Hi there,
We sound like the perfect fit for you so come talk to us on our discord and check out our corp ad for more details.

We have all the infrastructure you’ll need from out coalition including a great regional market, small roams to huge fleet fights.

You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:


Greetings Space Neegan,

Evermore Warriors is a close knit group of players operating in quiet nullsec space in the south.

We are free of any of the big blocs and do not have pap or activity requirements so its a great place to find your feet and get to know the game and nullsec life.

We have moons to mine, good PI, and the usual nullsec ores and combat sites.

Here is our forum post for more information: Forever Blue Horizons - #4 by Creocore_Khamez

If the above sounds interesting to you, please hit us up so we can have a proper chat and answer any questions that you may have.


Evermore Warriors

We have a good mix of EUTZ and USTZ in our corporation. We have a good variety of different playstyles, with the infrastructure to back all of 'em up. We don’t have any mandatory ops or attendance requirements. We just ask our members to be somewhat social. If that sounds like something up your alley come say hi and pick our brains more about Hyper Meme Industries.


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