Returning pilot

just coming back after having left for 2 years. extracted SP before I left last thinking id never come back, but here I am. have all manner of t1 frigs back up to a fair degree. going to work at getting t2 frigs after support skills are finished. Looking for nullsec work. since frigs will be where I will be beginning again. let me know if anywhere has room for a filthy casual

Hello friend check us out 🇬🇧 Extremely Active Corporation , Established NullSec Community, I-FED - Legacy -early EU time zone

Hello there,

We are currently recruiting if you are interested in serious PVP.
Please feel free to look over our forum post :

Cloaked Goof : Null-Sec Corp Continuing Recruitment! Recruitment Center

[EVE%20recruitment%202%20Animated_Moment_Edit] Fly with us, and you’ll always fly dangerously. Are you a veteran pilot that is returning to New Eden after a long hiatus, wondering what’s changed and itching to scrub the rust off of your favorite PvP bullet sponges? We can help you stretch your space legs and get back into that musty capsule you left to rot fourteen jumps out from Jita. What about an up-and-coming pilot that just hasn’t found their niche yet and feels the call to blap and be …

We have an around the clock presence in our corp including EU TZ.

If this sounds appealing to you please visit our in game channel CLGF RECRUITMENT or visit us on our discord link in the forum post above

o7 Welcome back to New Eden! Always great to see returning players. If you’re interested in Nullsec, give us a look!

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