Cloaked Goof : Null-Sec Corp Continuing Recruitment!

Fly with us, and you’ll always fly dangerously.

Are you a veteran pilot that is returning to New Eden after a long hiatus, wondering what’s changed and itching to scrub the rust off of your favorite PvP bullet sponges?
We can help you stretch your space legs and get back into that musty capsule you left to rot fourteen jumps out from Jita.

What about an up-and-coming pilot that just hasn’t found their niche yet and feels the call to blap and be blapped - sound like you?
Then yell at Siri to set desto to freedom, crank up your unoriginally named “Space Jamz” playlist, and preheat the hell out of your guns… you won’t see High Security space for a while.

Our team is in search of active new members from all corners of New Eden that participate in any of the many forms of EVE activity, and across all time zones. We would like to welcome you into a growing corporation that seeks to train pilots to the best of their abilities while still maintaining the excitement and enjoyment that keeps us all clicking the launch button time after time. Heard of us? Awesome. Haven’t? Read on!

Who are we?

:arrow_right: Long standing corporation that is focused on having fun together in EVE
:arrow_right: Proud members of GSF and the Imperium, offering all of the resources that that entails
:arrow_right: Not a megacorp, so you won’t get lost in the numbers
:arrow_right: A close community where piloting skills and friendships are built simultaneously, the latter of which has resulted in many of us meeting up and having a blast with real life shenanigans

What do we offer?

:arrow_right: A wealth of knowledge provided by our experienced leadership / corporation members
:arrow_right: An active, engaging and friendly community full of content
:arrow_right: Exclusive access to a wide variety of corp and alliance level SIGs, Squads and services
:arrow_right: Discord / Mumble / Jabber / forum services to help with everything we have to offer
:arrow_right: Well stocked market and a home in the most profitable region of space in EVE… and we want you to come and see the truth of that for yourselves.

What are some daily activities that you might get up to?

:arrow_right: Training sessions to hone your mad skills provided by the corp and Alliance 101 Program
:arrow_right: Theory crafting new ideas / fittings to try so you can get on those sweet, sweet killmails
:arrow_right: PVP roams in all areas. You name it we go there, in anything from frigates to capitals
:arrow_right: PVE and industry to make your monies! Mining with boosts, ratting and abyssals, blueprints to help you keep production going… the list goes on

What are our requirements?

:arrow_right: ~10 million skillpoint minimum is preferred
:arrow_right: Ability to fly basic battlecruisers and cruisers, or willing to train into them
:arrow_right: Mandatory services usage and active participation ( reasonable activity requirements )
:arrow_right: A mature attitude and mindset mixed with some common courtesy.
:arrow_right: Don’t be an asshat, and respect your corpmates.
:arrow_right: Willingness to learn and get involved
:arrow_right: Ages 18+

**We are also seeking older pilots who feel they may be able to support and contribute to the continued growth of the corporation.
Pilots with strong interpersonal communication skills as well as those who feel they may have an aptitude for fleet command are encouraged to inquire.

"I’ve finished reading, and am liking what I hear. What do?"

Join us in our in game recruitment channel or our Discord server, and we would be more than happy to talk to you!
In game : CLGF Recruitment
Discord :
We look forward to seeing you there!

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Recruitment has been going great, and we have already brought some awesome new members into our fold!

Today someone decided to try and play small gang love games with a few mining ships in our home system, so we quick formed and even though the main gang split and got out of system ahead of us we introduced ourselves via killmail to someone that thought local blackout and a cloak would save them while they played system hopscotch with us.

It didn’t. ( Good fight though, fam! )

Come join in the fun! We had a blast on that corp fleet and there will be many more to come!

We are still looking for more active members to come and jump into the fray with us!

Come and join in on daily gate camps, legendary wormhole dives, salt farming roams through red territory, and more.

Our members both new and old are having a hell of a time out here together. Don’t keep missing out; hop on our Discord server and have a chat with one of our recruiters today!

:boom: And another system blapped! :boom:

All about content generation, one of our highly competent corp FC’s led another wormhole dive for corp funsies turned engagement, and a few fights and one 'sploded structure later it was profit for all involved.

Everyone got involved for spicy killmails, exciting content and all the iskies. Hop into our Discord today and make sure you’re on the next one!

Do you like the sound of :

:boom: OP SUCCESS!

Well, that’s what we’ve had all weekend, and we’ve been waiting for you to come and join in on the adventures with us. Hop in, hold on and prepare yourselves for glory!

:fastparrot: GET IN :fastparrot:

Late morning coffee with Whiskey, for all you forums stalkers. Hop in our in game channel or discord server and let’s chat it up!

( Okay, it’s a Monster drink and not a coffee… sue me. )

Good day to join in on the shenanigans with us ! Come hang your hat up and stay awhile, the fun never ends. Enjoy the game like you’ve been wanting to with your ( soon to be ) new corpmates; we’d hate for you to keep missing out!

Remember, if it aint goofed, it aint good.


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