Returning player formerly PvP now LF HS industrial/pve corp

Not interested in null, low or WH, only HS. I am mostly looking for community while I do my trading thing, (market freak here), and to have people to learn the ropes of the production/mining side of things from. I am an easy going, drama avoidant sort of girl who just wants similar minded people to make isk with.

What I require:
-Inclusivity, not into groups who talk hateful toxic crap about minorities (I am a Trans girl here, so if your people are toxic on comms, then not interested)
-Daily Moon mining ops (to mine or haul for)
-Access to a engineering complex citadel facility for production
-Active community ie: 150+ in corp with regularly 10+ online at a time (i dont care about alliance, corp is what matters)
-Centralized leadership with players working together rather than on opposite sides of HS
-Random Roams or NBSI fleets would be cool from time to time

What I offer:
-freighter, orca, pve golem
-Time I can devote a lot of time to the game since I work from home
-Tend to use tengus or golems for 99% of combat related things
-Experience I have been in almost every major war from 06-2017 and lived in almost every region in 0.0 aside from Provi
-Walking eve encyclopedia
-No interest in leadership or command positions, only interested in being a part of community.

Hi, we are still growing but if you also want to take some new players on the hand you might be interested in joining GDawn . The Corp also has LV4 Mission standing with Sisters of EvE.